10 things

Every website owner should know.

1. Wheres your stuff?

Do you know where everything is? Who is your domain registered with, and who is it registered to? Where is your website hosted, both which company and where geographically?  Do you need software licenses, and if so where are they?

At the very least your domain names should be in an account in your name, that you have the username and password to, and you should have the ability to back up your website to a location that you control such as dropbox or google drive.

2. Who’s website is it anyway? 

Most people think they own their website, more often than not its actually licensed and with most licenses there are ways you can lose your site.

Are you using a site builder of some kind? this is more like renting than buying so be aware of both the risks and the benefits involved.

3. Are you getting any visitors? 

How many visitors do you get? where do they come from? What do they do on your website? and more important what don’t they do.

Having visitors is good, but for most people it does not really matter, what you need to be measuring is goals, what is it you want these visitors to do, and are they doing it?

Google analytics is a free tool that can help answer all of these questions. You can sign up here.


4. Is your website secure?


Security is about more than just a little padlock in the address bar… You do have a padlock in the address bar don’t you?

The two most common reasons websites get hacked are bad passwords, and old software. Make sure you use strong passwords that are unique to each website and make sure you keep your website software up to date.

5. Did you copy someone’s homework?

Google images is a great source of inspiration, but it shouldn’t be a source of images for your website or social media.  Get your images from reputable stock photo sites like Pexels, or Pixabay and don’t use the proofs (watermarked copies) it’s probably a copyright infringement and reflects badly on your credibility.

Don’t forget about the text too, copying and pasting text from another website is a big no no and tools like CopyScape can detect this.

6. Why do you have a website anyway?

While I’m a firm believer that every business needs a website (well I would wouldn’t I), it’s important to understand why your business has a website.

Is it simply a placeholder, to host your email and direct people to your social channels? is it a lead generator? is it an active sales channel? or is it something else?

7. Are you legal?

We touched on copyright infringement before, which can land you with a hefty bill or fine but are you aware of what laws apply to your website?

Is your website accessible? if not you may for foul of the disability discrimination act, are you in financial services? then the FCA have all kinds of regulations, what about GDPR? how are you protecting peopls data and are you asking for consent to use it?

8. What messages are you giving?

You probably have an idea about what you want your website to say, but what is it actually saying about you and your business. 

  • Free website builder – Not making any money
  • No landline phone number – no fixed base.
  • No address – scammer.
  • Poor website – doesnt take pride in their work.

People can be very judgemental, rightly or wrongly they will judge you and the quality of your work on your website.

9. Is it working?

If I went to your website right now would it be there? If I filled in the contact form would you recieve the email? are you sure? when was the last time you checked?

But more importantly is it working? is it doing what you want it to do? is it generating you business or is it simply an expense?

10. What are you going to do when the  ‘S#?t’ hits the fan? 

You have put in so much hard work, your website is working, its generating leads/sales and becoming quite a profitable source of income, so what will you do if it all goes wrong?

Just imagine you wake up one day and your website is gone, you try to call your web designer and they don’t answer, you ask around and are told they have won the lottery/gone bust/been hit by a bus/abducted by aliens…

What is your plan? how do you get your website back online? how long will it take? can it be done?

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