Adding watermarks without any software.

I’ve just been asked how to add a watermark to a photo,  The user has no photo editing software installed so we had to turn to an online photo editor.

  1. goto
  2. Click open “Photo Editor”
  3. Click “Open image from my computer” and you will be presented with a screen like this.
  4. Now open a second image such as your logo by clicking “File”, “Open Image” 
  5. With the second image window selected press CTRL-A to select all, then CTRL-C to copy.
  6. Now switch to the first window by clicking on it and press CTRL-V to paste.
  7. Adjust the opacity of the layer until you are happy with the result using the layers tools on the right.
  8. When you are finished click “File”, “Save”,”OK” to save the result.
The image below was created using a transparent png of my logo and an opacity setting of 50%