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Facebook timeline

  Facebook's latest change time line is now available to developers if you want to get access early you can follow the instructions found here. While it looks impressive there isn't really a lot to tell as only developers can use it and we don't tent to interact with each other that much ;-) So far it seems to be purely a cosmetic makeover with no new ...

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Get more space on Dropbox for Free

I'm a big fan of dropbox the free online file sharing service, I use it to keep my documents in sync across multiple computers and access them while out and about with my Ipad. With the Free service you are entitled to 2gb of space which isn't bad, but doesn't really cut it long term, you can upgrade to the paid service but there is another way of increasing ...

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Stop Google translating pages.

I'm working on a Directory at the moment which covers he whole of the UK, coding went fine but once I put the data in I discovered a problem, a problem with Wales. It turns out if a page contains a list of Welsh town names Google want to translate it into English, and while that maybe helpful in some circumstances its not to good when you are trying to find a ...

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switch it off and back on again

Sometime I feel like a magician, there is no other way to explain it. Today I had to drive a 120 mile round trip to reboot a switch that had crashed that had apparently already been rebooted to no effect, yet amazingly when I rebooted it everything started working again. Clearly I have magic fingers! When someone in IT tells you to reboot something, its not a ...

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