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Dec 10, 2011 | Blog

I have been using Teamviewer  for years to support friends and family, I love the program, its simple, effective, and best off all for non comercial use its free!

This year I put it in my business to allow staff to remotely interact with clients and it works well, I had no qualms in paying in excess of £900 for a “Lifetime license” that in all fairness offers us no benefit over the free version except for the warm fuzzy feeling you get from being a legitimate user.

Today I had my first bad user experience with Teamviewer, and in reality its not an issue with the software but more their sales systems and procedure, I booted up the software as normal and not for the first time I was told an update was available,  I’d guess this has happened every couple of months so as always I click update and the programs downloads and installs the new version 7.

This is where the problem started, I opened version 7 to discover I was no longer licensed, not a problem I thought, dug out my key and tried to activate. “This key is not valid for this version of the software” an alert box warned me and offered me the options to Buy Now or Cancel. So out of curiosity I click Buy Now and get taken to Teamviewers website that informs me I’m only licensed for version 6.x and that will be £300 thank you very much.

At this a little bit of panic starts to set in, I have Teamviewer installed on about 30 pc’s have they all just become unlicensed over night? I fire off a message to Teamviewers support, who as always are prompt to reply.

Dear Mr. Powell, 

Thank you for your e-mail.

According to our database you have a TeamViewer 6.x license. This means that
you can use TeamViewer 6 or any of the previous versions. If you wish to utilize 
version 7, an update fee is involved. You can check the update price 

Updates are absolutely optional and solely based on your decision whether the
features of the new version offer you any added benefits or not. You will always
find TeamViewer 6 and all other previous versions on our website 

In order for you to assist your customers in downloading a compatible version 
of TeamViewer you can generate a version 6 client module 
at and host it on your
own website.

Alternatively you can integrate a TeamViewer button into your website pointing
to e.g. TeamViewer 6 QuickSupport:

1. Go to the following website:
2. Select "Own Link" as Target
3. Enter the link
4. Complete the remaining steps

If you require an official quote, please let us know and we will send it to you 

So I can accept that “Lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the Version, not the product, and certainly not me, but what really frustrates me is the fact that I’m led down a path of updating before being informed I’m not entitled to the update and therefore creating more work for me in that I either have to pay, or downgrade the software on my pc, and somehow stop all the staff clicking the flashing update button that will show everytime they open the software that I have paid for and are using legitimately.

Would it be so much to ask the flag major revisions that you are not licensed for and alert the user before updating?

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