Salsa class…wtf?

I suppose this is the first update to my new years resolutions, last night I did something that was completely out of my comfort zone and is a step towards doing something for a work life balance.

Last night I went to a… Salsa Class, admittedly it wasn’t really my choice but as Mrs Powell to be fancied it and it was being held at my sailing club I didn’t really have much choice.

When we arrived it was good to see quite a few familiar faces, people who we had either sailed with or drank with at the club, so we were immediately put at ease, the class itself was simple enough with a few basic steps being taught and practised throughout the night in various orders and with various partners. The hardest part I found was keeping a straight face as I had a real urge to start singing the hokey kokey as we put one leg in, and one leg out.

I suspect we will be returning next week for more embarrassment, but in the mean time I would like to formally apologise to all those whose toes I stepped on last night.