A special offer for Neil Kavanaugh

Posted on January 28, 2012 | https://andy-powell.net/?p=1112

A follow up to Whats in a name

So I decided to let Neil know my plan;

Hello Neil,

Good news – The domain NeilKavanaugh.com is now available and I’m giving you first refusal!

Don’t miss out on getting the name you want!

Sometime ago I enquired about the domain andypowell.com and while I would very much like the domain, I don’t value it enough to part with the substantial amount of cash you’re asking so I though an alternative offer would be of interest.

How about a swap… andypowell.com for NeilKavanaugh.com
Contact today and mention code multicolouredswapshop to secure your special offer.


Andy Powell
Director of Sales, andy-powell.net

Web : www.andy-powell.net


Andy Powell is a website specialist with 20 years experience, he is also the founder of Hack Oldham, a non profit co-working and maker space, a digital trainer and a maker of things.

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1 Reply to "A special offer for Neil Kavanaugh"

  • Dave
    April 27, 2012 (1:32 pm)

    No response, Andy? Wonder why not – a Google.co.uk search for ‘Neil Kavanaugh’ now ranks your pages at 5th and 6th. A few more links and references before you can claim 4th place and demote his Twitter place!

    Happy linking 😉

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