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SMS about Payday Loans? Yes please.

I've recently started getting text messages advertising payday loans, at first i tried ignoring them, then i tried replying stop, then i tried f#*! off but no matter what they still come. This morning on the train to Manchester I was...

US Netflix in the UK

A short post for reference, this information is pretty common but each time I try to find it all im getting is YouTube videos and sometimes all you want is the details. So to access US Netflix content in the UK, use the following DNS server. Primary DNS:

TK421 why aren’t you at your post?

New Brighton Books my Storm Trooper armour has finally found a use. I always had a thing for Storm Troopers, with their cool armour and inability to shoot the side of a bus if they were on it, and to own my own Storm Trooper armour was always a bit of a geek fantasy,...

Eat Breakfast Everyday (2)

I'm giving this one a try again, inspired by Matt Cutts 30 days I tried and failed to eat breakfast everyday. Now I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I keep trying to tell my kids how important breakfast is, but if I'm not doing eating it, then...