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TK421 why aren’t you at your post?

Feb 12, 2012 | Blog

New Brighton Books my Storm Trooper armour has finally found a use.

I always had a thing for Storm Troopers, with their cool armour and inability to shoot the side of a bus if they were on it, and to own my own Storm Trooper armour was always a bit of a geek fantasy, so one night when drunkenly browsing eBay I simply couldn’t resist when I found a set a few miles down the road at a fraction of the price they normally go for, so a few hours later I was the proud owner and ready to join the galactic empire.

Next day I met up with the seller in a super market car park (as you do) and suspiciously exchange body parts from the boot of his car to mine, having headed home at light speed I put on my armour and stood in the living room looking in the mirror and thought to myself… Now what? This clearly wasn’t going to hang in my wardrobe, or be neatly folded and packed away in a drawer, in fact I’d be lucky if it would fit under the bed.

So back to eBay I went looking for a solution, and after a short while, I found it, a tailors dummy. Bids were placed, paypals were exchanged and before you know it I had a rather camp looking manikin stood in my living room. On went the armour and then I realised I still had the same issue, but rather than where do I keep several bags of armour I now had a life-size Storm Trooper statue that needed a home.

The Mrs and I had a bit of a discussion, mostly consisting of me making suggestions and her saying no, but finally we agreed that the Storm Trooper could live in the shop window, This became a bit of a talking point in the local area as month by month we dressed him up for various window displays, we have had a pirate trooper, a keep fit trooper and even a santa trooper. As he became more a part of the shop, the Mrs even gave him a name, “Bernard”, named after the angry irish book keeper in black books, not the ideal role model for a book shop but it seems to have stuck.

But lets get back to the the point, Bernard is having a little holiday this weekend, to celebrate the launch of Star Wars Epispode 1 in 3D, Bernard can be found at the light cinema, his roles have varied from security guard to bartender, and has seemed to spend a lot of time around the pick n’ mix.

Go and say hello to him, and check out this fantastic local cinema, and while you are there have a chuckle at where he came from.

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