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SMS about Payday Loans? Yes please.

Feb 27, 2012 | Blog

I’ve recently started getting text messages advertising payday loans, at first i tried ignoring them, then i tried replying stop, then i tried f#*! off but no matter what they still come.

This morning on the train to Manchester I was struck with some inspiration, If I can’t stop them, at leas I can annoy them. You see many of these messages allow you to reply to a standard mobile number and then the company will call you back.

What I decided to do was start replying along the lines of “Yes please, I’d like a loan”, but not from my mobile number, from other pay day loan companies, still following? I spoof the caller ID in order to get them phoning each other.


Company A text me, I reply from Company B saying yes I’d like a loan Company A then call company B, Meanwhile I’ve replied to company B from company A and so on.

Maybe next time I’ll sign them up for cat facts.

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