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2.8hours later Liverpool

May 17, 2012 | Blog

Last night along with Andy Hughes I played 2.8hours later a zombie themed chase game that took place through out Liverpool city centre. I had originals heard of the game when it took place last year in Bristol and have followed its progress as it has moved around the county, As soon as I heard there was going to be an event in Liverpool I booked tickets and started counting down the days.

On the day of event as the excitement rose we decided at the last minute to dress for the occasion, after all if we going to be running around like idiots we might as well look the part, So I grabbed a set of scrubs and Hughes donned his trusty Ghost busters Uniform.

We received the first location by email and met at the rendezvous point as instructed, once there we were checked in, given a briefing, a map and sent on our way to the first set of coordinates.

At each location we would find a survivor who would tell us a little of the story and give us the next set of grid coordinates and send us on our way, usually down a dark alley where we would be chased by a number of zombies, as we progressed through the locations the number and speed of the zombies increassed and it got harder and harder to get away without being cause.

By the fourth location 3 of the 7 people in our group had been caught.

When we reached the final location we knew we were in for a hard time, realistically the only option was to sprint for it and try to get past the dozen or so zombies spread out in the streets leading to the rescue centre…


We ran…


We got caught.


When we arrived at the rescue centre all but one of us had been caught, but that was all part of the fun because those that were caught were taken to one side and made up as zombies covered in blood a gore, before finally being allowed in to the after party where we drank beer, ate zombie themed food and blasted zombies in house of the dead playing on a projector on the wall.

All in all a great experience and something I plan to do again as soon as they return to our city.

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