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Future Makers

Sep 2, 2012 | Blog

I’m a tinkerer, I like tinkering with things, I used to do it a lot as a child, but now not so much.

I want to tinker more and I think a good way of achieving that is to tinker with my children, That sounds so wrong so lets say teach my children to tinker, an if I’m teaching my children, I might as well teach some others.

By now you might be wondering what I am blithering on about, well as a child when something was broken, I would often try to fix it, or if that couldn’t be done ‘d make something new out of the parts, whatever I ended up with, I often learned about how things worked or in some cases… didnt.

These days I work out of DoES Liverpool a co-working and maker space where often grown ups can be found tinkering with things, in fact it happens so much that they have a regular event called maker night (and now maker days) where people of all kinds come together to share their projects.

My kids have been along to a few of these events and have always been fascinated by what’s going on, so with that in mind in a moment of madness I decided to start up my own event aimed at kids and so Future Makers was born. The first event is taking place this coming Saturday and my (and hopefully) other children will be learing to make Doodle Bots, manic little robots made from upturned cups which when allowed to run wild produce patterns like an automated spirograph.

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So if you are in the Liverpool area and have small children hell bent on building a robot army to take over the world, bring them down to Future Makers at DoES Liverpool and we’ll get them started on the right track.

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