Please leave at least two empty seats together.

Jimmy Carr is coming to our local theatre next year, having always been a fan I thought it would be good to get a couple of tickets and have a night out… How wrong could I be.

Looking at Ticket Masters site there was plenty of good seats in the front stalls, so I picked a couple and clicked Buy, only to be faced with the following message.

You have left a single seat

You have left one seat stranded at the end of a row or stuck between selected seats. Please leave at least two empty seats together.

I tried again, same result, we phoned ticket master, and got the same response, there were 23 groups of 3 seats available in the front stalls and they simply refused to sell them unless we took 3 seats, blaming it on the venue.

That’s not the end of the story, it isn’t simply a rant, as there is a solution…

  1. Open another browser or incognito window.
  2. Place 1 seat in you basket ( a timer will start giving you 3 mins to complete the transaction.
  3. In your main browser session, refresh the screen and you will now see the other seat has disappeared leaving a group of 2 seats available.
  4. Book em!