Please leave at least two empty seats together.

Posted on November 28, 2012 |

Jimmy Carr is coming to our local theatre next year, having always been a fan I thought it would be good to get a couple of tickets and have a night out… How wrong could I be.

Looking at Ticket Masters site there was plenty of good seats in the front stalls, so I picked a couple and clicked Buy, only to be faced with the following message.

You have left a single seat

You have left one seat stranded at the end of a row or stuck between selected seats. Please leave at least two empty seats together.

I tried again, same result, we phoned ticket master, and got the same response, there were 23 groups of 3 seats available in the front stalls and they simply refused to sell them unless we took 3 seats, blaming it on the venue.

That’s not the end of the story, it isn’t simply a rant, as there is a solution…

  1. Open another browser or incognito window.
  2. Place 1 seat in you basket ( a timer will start giving you 3 mins to complete the transaction.
  3. In your main browser session, refresh the screen and you will now see the other seat has disappeared leaving a group of 2 seats available.
  4. Book em!

Andy Powell is a website specialist with 20 years experience, he is also the founder of Hack Oldham, a non profit co-working and maker space, a digital trainer and a maker of things.

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21 Replies to "Please leave at least two empty seats together."

  • Laoise
    December 17, 2013 (10:36 am)

    Thank you for this!!

  • Georgina
    May 19, 2014 (8:21 pm)

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much!

  • Kevin
    October 7, 2014 (9:38 pm)

    Thanks so much for posting this. Really helped me out.

  • Deryck
    October 14, 2014 (1:34 pm)

    Thank you, got my wife and I the perfect seats this way. 10/10 would do again.

  • Oliver
    November 30, 2014 (8:19 pm)

    Great Tip Thanks!

  • Steve
    December 7, 2014 (5:30 pm)

    Works perfectly, thanks!

  • Iris
    January 17, 2015 (10:01 am)

    Thanks so much! Just bought two great seats for Phantom of the Opera show as a present for my Mom’s birthday 🙂

  • Maria
    July 3, 2015 (12:52 am)

    Thank you! Worked like a charm. I jumped the gun and called the ticket office at the ballpark before I googled (silly me!), and now I have to tell them “false alarm.” 😉

  • Ronald
    September 2, 2015 (4:26 pm)

    Genius! That worked perfectly to get 2 seats on a 3 seater row at Hollywood Bowl. Thanks so much!

  • Lewis
    September 23, 2015 (10:33 am)

    Thanks for this, Kevin Bridges isnt an easy guy to get tickets for! 🙂

  • Scott
    September 23, 2015 (10:18 pm)

    Just got my two tickets for Kevin Bridges using your workaround. Brilliant !!!

  • Shelby B.
    November 4, 2015 (4:31 am)

    You. are. the. shit! My boyfriend and I were trying to get tickets to a hockey game and every time we would find tickets on a website, you would have to buy the three. This worked! We got two tickets and it was even No Fee Tuesday so we got out of the service fees too! 🙂 Thanks for this. You are brilliant!

  • Mike D
    November 12, 2015 (9:39 pm)

    Simple brilliance

  • Adam W
    December 6, 2016 (6:42 pm)

    Thank You 😀

  • Jon
    December 6, 2016 (7:17 pm)

    You can also use this trick to get better positioned seats when the ticketing site pre-selects seats for you. Simply place seats into the basket in other browser sessions until you have the desired seat positions.

    • Andy
      April 18, 2018 (7:40 am)

      Good thinking!

  • Lisa
    April 4, 2017 (9:13 pm)

    You are a legend. What a ridiculous policy! I mean I get it, but when all the tickets left are in lots of three and I only want two, refusing to let me buy them is probably illegal.

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Matt
    August 30, 2017 (2:41 pm)

    Awesome, thank you!

  • Anon
    February 13, 2018 (5:16 am)

    Still works. What an absolutely insane policy, but I’m thrilled to have found a workaround – thanks Andy! Ace work!

  • Derrick
    April 17, 2018 (7:05 pm)

    Thank you!

  • Brad
    May 16, 2018 (3:29 pm)

    Saved the day. Thank you.

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