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My greatest sporting achievement

Jun 1, 2013 | Blog

Sport has never been my thing, since getting disqualified from the 400m at the age of 12 for changing lanes my sporting career has been non existant.

I am a geek, and I live my life behind desks and infront of screens, thats not in it’s self a bad thing but sometimes you want to do something a little different.

Well today I won a prize for sport, granted it was kind of a joke prize but it was still a prize non the less.

For the last 6 weeks I have been on an archery course, each week we have learned a little more, through re-curve bows, longbows, and compounds (very cool!) and finally on the last week we had a competition.

During the competition I was the first of the 18 entrants to score a gold, this isn’t as impressive as it sounds, it was indoors, and on a short course, intact most of us scored golds at some point I was just lucky enough to do it first, and as a result I won the hideous, slightly broken clock you see above.

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