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Learning the Guitar

Jun 5, 2013 | Blog

I’m a workaholic, and like many workaholics the more you do, the less productive you actually become. Part of the problem is I made a career out of something I love, before I got in to web, back when I worked in retail I’d come home and go on the computer, that was by down time, the problem no is I’m on the computer all day, so to come home and go on the computers things that to get blurred, and end up working when I should be playing and playing when I should be working.

For a while now, I’ve realised I need a hobby, something to do in my downtime, and it needed to be something non technical, something as far removed from the web as possible.

Then I saw this…

And I was inspired.

I would learn to play the guitar, I didn’t have to be good at it, I have no plans to be a musician, I’m not even that into music, don’t get me wrong I listen to spotify all day, but don’t ask me who played what.

I headed off to Dawsons told them my tale and half an hour later I was the proud owner of the beautiful Farida D10 you can see above. I brought it home, opened the box and realised I have no idea where to start, I could fumble along to youtube videos, but without a basic idea of what I am doing I’d just end up going round in circles, So I decided to get myself some lessons.

Last night I had my first lesson with Oldham Guitar Academy, and I really enjoyed it, obviously I’m rubbish but by the end of the 45 mins I was strumming something that sounded vaguely like Deep Purples Smoke on the Water.


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