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They’ll fix you they fix everything

Oct 28, 2013 | Blog

As Robocop said to Lewis

They’ll fix you. They fix everything.

Well its seems at some point before christmas I’m going to be fixed, No not like that! I mean my back.

I have now seen the spinal surgery consultant, and have my pre-op booked for October 30, not that I’m entirely sure what is involved in a pre-op other than that they will be taking some blood, and then I’ll get a date for my Microdiscectomy. Not exactly what I was hoping for for christmas, but with a little luck and a lot of hard work the outcome will be worth while.

After the surgery, I’ll have about two weeks of bed rest, then I need to get fit, not that I’m unfit, weight for height I’m fine, but because of the damage to my spine I need to get fitter, if I build my core strength I’ll take the pressure off my back.

As with everything I do, gadgets are involved.

Gadget 1 – The key thing with my current condition is I need to keep moving, if I stop I seize up and getting going again can be agony. So to help keep track of my movements I’ve got a Fitbit flex I wireless pedometer that links to my phone and computer to transmit and store data about my activity and to encourage me to keep moving, I can set targets and monitor my progress.

Gadget 2 – Will hopefully be coming in time for christmas. Lumoback which I believe was born in a kick-starter, is a wireless monitor that that combines a sensor in a belt that goes around your waist to your phone, and nags you each time you slouch. According to the developers an Android version will be out by christmas so fingers crossed I’ll be finding one under the tree.

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