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30 days with a dumb phone

Nov 7, 2013 | Blog

For a while now Ive been growing increasingly convinced that the smart phone that rules my life, is in fact ruining it.

I think like the gillette mach 3 with its umpteen blades its a technological step forward for the sake of it. Everything that my smartphone does I have other devices that do a better job, yet still I tie myself up on contracts to have the latest and greatest smart phone and leave my other gadgets gathering dust.

Lets look at what a smart phone actually does.

1. It takes pictures.

Yes its convinient to have a camera in my pocket, but to be honest of I want to take pictures ill use my SLR, and if all I want to do is tweet a picture of my breakfast, well how good a camera do I need?

2. It gets me online.

I have a 15″ macbook pro for work, and a galaxy tab 10 (soon to be replaced with an ipad mini) for play, every tv in the house is a smart tv, so maybe just maybe I can do without internet on the loo.

3. I can play games.

See number 2, and add to that an xbox 360 and a 3ds xl. For someone who doesnt play games that much I have access to a lot of games.

4. I can watch movies.

42″ led tv and blue ray or a phone,  really is that even an argument.

5. I can read on it.

A kindle is better, actual books are better still

6. Its a phone (just about)

I can make phone calls, some times, if the battery lasts long enough, and I can send text massages.

So it seems the only thing I actually need the phone for, is the one thing its not very good at, add to that the zombification of the population by constantly staring at the phone in their hand then it all adds to the fact that maybe its time to just get a phone that is an actual phone.

So thats how I got here, now being a geek i could just get any old phone, so im now the proud owner of a Nokia 515, a brushed aluminium some and gorilla glass feature phone, its still capable of tweeting and at a push can send an email, it does have a 5mp camera, but its primary function is calls and sms.

I went for something a bit special just for the asthetics, if im going to forgo the convinience (which is the only thing the smart phone has going for it) I need to use something a actually like.

So here I am, day 1 of 30 and so far im not missing anything, but only time will tell.

Update 1

recoveryI spent the first two days in hospital, which turned out to be quite a good test because in demonstrated how different the battery life was after two days I still had almost 50% battery remaining and had been able to tweet call and text as I pleased. Even managed to tweet a picture of the recovery room, however live tweeting the entire operation was a no go.

The one down side I noticed was because I only had the dumb phone and kindle I was unable to create a wifi hotspot to download more books, not a major problem, and could easily have been avoided had I planned ahead.

It does however make me more set on getting the 3g ipad mini rather than just wifi version.

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