On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of playing Werewolf with the Manchester Werewolf Chapter in the Northern Quarter, who I discovered on Meetup.com

Ive seen werewolf being a played at a number of barcamps however never had the chance to play myself, so when I stumbled across the group in Manchester I thought I’d give it a go.

Werewolf is a game of deception and manipulation. It has infected almost every significant digital event around the world, from the informal conferences to the music, film and interactive-media crossover of South By Southwest (SXSW).Werewolf is quick and easy to set up, and the basic rules take no more than 2 minutes to explain.

The game starts with god (the game organiser) handing each player a card, each player looks at their card in secret and returns it to god. The cards in play in a basic game are Villager, Werewolf, Defender & Seer, but there are a large number of other cards and roles that can be used to enhance the game.

Once each player knows who he of she is, god calls night time, where all the players close there eyes and the action begins.

First god calls upon the werewolves who open their eyes and silently select someone to kill, god makes note of the selection and instructs the werewolves to close their eyes. Then god calls on the Defender who chooses a player to protect, if they happen to choose the player the werewolves attacked then he or she is saved, otherwise we move on. Finally god calls on the seer, who then selects a player whose role they wish to identify, god identifies their role of wolf or villager with hand signals then instructs all players that its morning and they should open their eyes.

If the defender failed to save the attached then god instructs that player to leave the game and the day time stage begins, this is where all the players discuss what they think has happened, ask questions, make accusations and generally act like a lynch mob for thats pretty much what they are.

If the villagers agree on a suspected wolf they first accuse, then somebody seconds, and the accused puts up a defence, finally their is a vote on wether to lynch the accused of not, if the accused is lynched, they are dead, and they leave the game, but until the end their role remains a secret.

The game has two basic outcomes, the wolves win by killing all the villagers, or the villagers win by killing all the wolves.

All in all it was a great night with a really friendly bunch of people, Ill definatley be playing again, even if it will take a while to pick up the nuances