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Yep, I’m starting a code club

Following on from my thoughts about starting a code club, I seem to have gone ahead and done it. On Monday I popped in to my old primary school St. Margaret's, picked up the contact details for the ITC teacher and fired of an email when I got to the office. Same day I noticed @stevieflow tweeting about the North West cold club meet that was taking place that ...

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Thinking of starting a Code Club

Ive been thinking of doing this for quite some time, I'd even booked on the open event in Manchester last year when my spine went twang and the idea of making any movements that were not an absolute necessity went out of the window. Code Club is a voluntary initiative started by Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sandvik which aims to teach kids to code using scratch, ...

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(EDC) Every day carry or whats in the bag?

Inspired by by wife's What's in the bag post I thought I would attempt my own, so I scattered the contents of my pockets and trusty backpack over the kitchen table in my own ocd way. Where possible I'll create another post at some point with some more information about some of the items listed below. The bag itself is a North Face Router 41k Day Pack. Contents ...

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Loot Crate March 2014

Today I received my first parcel from, a subscription service that sends geeks like me a monthly care package all for $30, yes us brits get screwed by the shipping but as every pack includes a t-shirt its still good value for money. This months package was themed around Titan fall, the new game from EA Arts, in the box was: Titan Fall T-shirt Fridge ...

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Back on board!

Its Friday, its 18:32 and I'm sat on the sofa on board Nemesis, having a beer and waiting for the chilli to cook. Could I ask for any more? well it would be nice if the batteries were not flat, and I'd got here before the marina closed so I could sort out the hookup but considering its our first trip here it could be worse. So this weekend I need to get the batter...

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