(EDC) Every day carry or whats in the bag?

Inspired by by wife’s What’s in the bag post I thought I would attempt my own, so I scattered the contents of my pockets and trusty backpack over the kitchen table in my own ocd way.

Where possible I’ll create another post at some point with some more information about some of the items listed below.

The bag itself is a North Face Router 41k Day Pack.


  • UK Jelly Sign
  • Moleskin pocket notebook, with quiver pen holder and obligatory Bic 4 colour pen.
  • Canon EOS 550d Camera
  • Cycle multitool
  • LED torch
  • Iphone 5s with survivor case
  • Ipad mini with smart cover
  • Nintendo 3ds xl
  • Box of games
  • Storm trooper mints tin used to store the meds for my bad back
  • Mini can of Lynx
  • Hacker space passport
  • Bose o2i headphones
  • Omega Sea-master watch
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Atari Wallet
  • Apple mighty mouse
  • Macbook pro with geeky stickers
  • Keys
  • Assorted cables and power supplies

You can find out more about what people carry on a daily basis on the r/edc reddit, however as it has an American slant the sheer number of people carrying guns may put the fear of FSM in you.