Sanctuary Gaming Night

I’ve recently got into playing werewolf, and like many geeky activities one thing leads to another and before you know it you are hopelessly addicted. I’d heard talk about the other games people had played but for me, my table top gaming ended with Monopoly and I really didn’t fancy Dungeons and Dragons, it simply looks like too much hard work.

Yesterday a friend Claire tweeted that she was going to Sanctuary Manchester a gaming night held a few times a month at MadLab, so as this coming saturday is Table Top Day I thought what  the hell, I’d tag along and see what was going on.

When we arrived their was a few familiar faces, along with those we’d not met before, all were very friendly and welcoming and after introductions we settled down to play a few games.

Throughout the evening we played:

Each of the games, was very different Tsuro was great fun, easy to pick up, quick to play I’ll definitely be buying that one, but the one that stood out the most was Cards Against Humanity which is described as a card game for horrible people. The premise is simple, the card tsar (which changes each turn) draws a black card which starts a sentence, and the other players each lay down a white card to fill in the blanks. What makes it interesting are the words on the cards, which can only be described as horrible, but its the horribleness that makes playing is the horrendously funny. I urge you to try it if you get a chance, just not if you are easily offended.

You can read more about Sanctuary Game nights here.