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No tech is better than uncontrollable tech

Apr 23, 2014 | Blog

I love technology, but paraphrasing what Uncle Ben said with great technology comes great responsibility, often having the technology isn’t enough.

Now when my daughter started secondary school we were taken on a tour and there was an incident that rung alarm bells, during the tour we were shown the finger print scanners used for money and attendance in the school (a whole other rant) and my daughter rightly so questioned how secure they were, having seen multiple demonstrations of finger print scanners being hacked with anything from acetate to gummy bears.

The teacher giving the tour, used that phrase that pretty much guarantees that the person uttering it doesn’t know what they are talking about and said “its hacker proof”, we should have ran for the door at that point but no, on the whole everything seemed good so she ended up going there.

In recent months the problems have started…

The school have accidentally text messaged an entire year of students parents informing them that they are not in school

They have messed up a mail-merge on a survey about the students hopes and dreams and sent the wrong results out, informing us that our daughter wanted to be a a chef and that if she could change anything about the school it would be the teachers.

They have sent notifications of detention to the wrong students.

And today, because apparently they cannot override “the system” they marked all the students late for lessons because the rewards assembly over ran, Yes thats right, they marked the entire of year 10 late because they were in an assembly they were not allowed to leave.

Now using fingerprints to take register may seem like a good idea to some, but if they cannot do something as simple as allow for the fact that the previous session has over run then its doing more harm than good.

If only they could run the school on powerpoint, they seem to know how that works.

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