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Healthy eating hypocrisy

Jun 22, 2014 | Misc

The other day my 8 year old son came home from school in quite a frustrated state, having spoken to him it was quite apparent that the problem was school, not the usual playground stuff but something the teacher was doing that he didn’t feel was right.

But lets back track a little, we all know that healthy eating is important, and like many schools my sons have recently become a “Healthy Eating School” . We got a letter sent home saying what was and was not acceptable to be in a packed lunches,  and that anything that that contravened these rules would be taken off the children. The letter also explained that the school has in addition to the government guidelines also anounced that sweets must not be sent in for birthdays etc

Now while the idea of dinner ladies inspecting lunch boxes for contraband may seem a little intrusive, until it actually happens I wasn’t going to say anything.

So back to my son, and why came home frustrated, it turns out his teacher has been sat in the class room drinking bottles of coke, now considering this is on the list of contraband obviously he felt it unreasonable that the teacher was drinking it in class.

I told him he shouldn’t be afraid to voice his concerns, to speak to his teach politely and in private he said he understood and that he would ask his teach if he saw her drinking coke again.

Fast forward 24 hours he’s home from school and visibly upset, I ask why and he explains.

He asked his teacher “why if its a healthy eating school, is she allowed to drink coke in the classroom”

Her response “Mind your own business”

Now this is what is really beginning to grate on me about modern teaching, the do as I say not as I do attitude, they demand respect from the kids and show very little in return, I realise this isn’t every teacher out their, but I am seeing more and more occurrences like this.

It used to be teaching was a profession that people went into for the love of it, these days some teachers make it seem like children are seeming more like an inconvenience on the way to a pension.

Photo by Kelly Sue DeConnick

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