The Digienable #digiblog workshop

Yesterday I attended the Digienable #digiblog work shop with Liz Hardwick at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. Now I work a lot with blogs, with WordPress in particular, but I don’t blog as often as I’d like, hence attending the workshop.

I got there nice and early which gave me time to have a brew and a catch up with Liz, and soon the sell out crowd started to fill the annex. The group was a good mix of ages and sex, with both currently bloggers who wanted to improve and complete beginners thrown into the mix.

The session worked lasted a couple of hours and worked through the theory from what is a blog, some of the more popular platforms, what to write about and even how to promote it.

It was easy to understand for the beginner and yet informative enough for even a geek like me to be kept interested, all in all it was highly recommended.

Now according to Liz I should end my posts with a call to action, so here it is, get off your ass and encourage your MP to sign EDM 147 to get mass surveillance debated in parliament.