Lego HULK fake, Lego HULK no smash

I’ve been collecting Lego Minifigs for a few years now, My collection predominantly revolves around the movies and the collectable series with a couple of cuusoo’s thrown in.

The other week I was talking to @monkeymademe on twitter about the Hulk minifig as he wanted to photograph one for his son, and as they are now going for about £30 on ebay he just wanted to borrow one, unfortunately geography got in the way.

This led us to the discovery of an ebay listing for the hulk that at the time was going for 88p including shipping from China, it had to be a fake but curiosity got the better of me and I put in an order.

3 days later it arrived and I admin I was surprised, I expected something that vaguely resembled the character it was supposed to be but when I put it together I found it was almost indistinguishable from the real thing, ok the colours are slightly different but unless they are side by side its hardly noticeable as you can see from the image above.

There was only one major discrepancy which you can see in the picture here, the reaimagel one (pictured on the right) had a code printed on the left foot.

I’ll certainly be more cautious when buying minifigs from ebay in future, but apart from prices that are too good to be true, do you know any tells to identify the fakes?