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A depressing blog about being in pain

Jan 4, 2015 | Misc

I have now been in pain for pretty much as long as I can remember, which makes being in pain my state of normality, this is a strange situation to be in.

The pain I have is in my back and my right leg, it is the result of 2 herniated discs in my lower back, one of which has been surgically repaired, the other at the time didn’t warrant surgery, these bulging discs put pressure on my sciatic nerve which produces  pain in my leg.

Now I can guarantee there are people who are in far worse pain than me, and for them i truly sympathies, but my pain is in me, so I will continue to whine about that in this blog post.

There are two kinds of pain that I suffer, one is like having toothache in my lower back, where as the pain in my leg ranges from a dull ache to feeling like Ive been stabbed. I try to manage the pain with anti-inflamatories that apparently if I stay on them long term “will probably kill me” and pain killers, that it I take enough to make the pain go away completely also take away the ability to form a coherent sentence, which means that life is pretty much now a balancing act between how much pain I’m in and how much I can function.

Although I’ve never been sporty, I used to be quite active, I would regularly walk for miles, I’ve sky dived, Scuba Dived, flown power kites, rode a motor cycle, but now even walking to the shop can be a struggle.

So being in pain has and is changing my life, I’m less active, which means I’m putting on weight, which puts more strain on my back which makes the pain worse ad infinitum.

Even simple things like putting my shoes on can be difficult on bad days, not necessarily because of the pain itself but how my body reacts to it, the muscles in my back tense up to protect my spine resulting in limited mobility.

In theory there is a solution, but its more of a lifestyle change than a magic pill, and the major problem is my work is in direct conflict with the kind of lifestyle I need, my work has me sitting for 8 hours or more a day, and no amount of weekly Pilates classes will make up for that.

Fixing this is going to be a long hard slog, almost every element of my daily routine needs to change, the changes, such as amended posture cause more pain in the mean time, with no guarantee of overall improvement and doing too much, too soon, sets you right back to the start.

Back pain is so depressing…

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