Virgin Media Junk Mail

I’m not particulally an environmentalist, I’m not particularly against junk mail but Virgin Media seem to take the piss. I though it was bad when I wasn’t a customer of theirs but now I am it seems ridiculous, not only to we get the ‘To the occupier’ loophole mail but we still get mail trying to sell the service to my wife who happens to be the account holder.

Virgins response to this is kind of shocking.

They basically suggest using a service that stops all unsolicited mail coming to your house, Now while the lack of takeaway menus may be an inconvenience, this will also stop, government information, planning notices, basically anything that isn’t directly addressed to you.

When I asked directly how much junk mail they send, I got met with a sales pitch so the only solution is to work it out myself.

So the plan is for the entirety of 2015 Im going to collect every bit of mail from Virgin Media, and use this to work out a rough calculation of how much junk mail they actually send each year.

Introducing the Virgin Media junk mail-ometer (bottom right), which will keep count throughout the year. If you are as fed up with this as I am feel free to join in, comment below and we can work something out.