Im an equalist

A couple of friends GirlGeekUpNorth, and cubicgarden, have recently posted their thoughts on feminism, first there was why Im not a feminist followed by why she is not a feminist, so I suppose this post should be called why i’m not a feminist either.

Cubic Garden said:

I don’t know what it is but so many women really hate the term and will never consider themselves feminist.

Personally I find that pretty easy to answer, like with any group there are moderates and extremists, lets call the moderates feminists and extremists FEMINISTS. As in many of these situations the FEMINISTS are the ones with the loudest voice, and the truth is, I often find them kind of… well… sexist.

I genuinely fear engaging with them, as it seems the frequent response to any man trying to enter a conversation with a FEMINIST is met with accusations of mansplaining, how is that equality? how is that any different than a misogynist saying “don’t you worry your pretty little head about it”.

We all have opinions, sometime they are right sometimes they are wrong, but unless those who are wrong are actually welcomed to the debate how do we expect to change their opinions?

Another problem I have with FEMINISTS is the lack of constructive comments, frequently have I seen FEMINISTS explain whats wrong, but never right, or what should be done. For example I’ve seen words like “female” being described as sexist, but no alternative offered, how do we change peoples behaviour if we are so unwilling to educate?

As perfect example of how I believe things should work was during a discussion a while back on twitter, where I admitted I didn’t really know how to refer to someone who was sexually ambiguous there was no anger, no insults, I was simple sent a link to the following video by Tom Scott. Rather than being criticised or insulted I was educated, as far as I can see thats a win win situation.

So because of the attitudes of the FEMINISTS I find it difficult to claim I’m a feminist, so Im just going to go on record as saying I’m an Equalist.

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