My blog… an update… its been a while.

So its been a while to say the least since I last updated my blog, I’m rubbish I know, but I’ll try harder. For now an general update ready for a fresh start.


We’re still here in Oldham, in a mad house full of kids and pets, The eldest thing has just started college the youngest thing finally cut all his hair off and the middle thing is still missing from our lives, but thats just the way things are. Mr’s P has finally got back in to healthcare, and seems to all accounts to be enjoying working with the elderly again.


We keep on going, adapting as we go, we now have a graphic designer working with us, which I suppose technically makes us an agency, but that sounds a bit pretentious, personally I thing we are just some guys who make websites.

Hack Oldham

unnamedThis is where things have really changed, we have now been open for 3 months and are already pushing 30 members, our focus on building a community seem to really stand us apart and as a result we are going from strength to strength.

The picture on the right was taken the other night during one of our Minecraft sessions which is without a doubt one of the most popular things we do.

If we keep going the way we are we are going to need a bigger space, and between you and me, we’re already working on that 😉

My Back

Well… it’s still broke, but I’m now on what’s know as neuropathic pain killers, as well as regular opiate pain killers, and anti inflammatory, these are basically pills that adjust how my nervous system treats the signals that tell my brain Im in pain, and they seem (fingers crossed) to be working. Since I started on them I’ve been able to cycle to work albeit on an electric bike but for me that is huge progress.