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How much does a website cost?

The car metaphor The first question most people ask when it comes to purchasing a website is "how much does it cost?" a not entirely unreasonable question but one for which the answer can be quite complicated. The traditional response is "well how much does a car cost" and while it does make sense in a way, the reality is you do not go to a dealer that can provide ...

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Websites are not for everybody

I had a meeting with a potential client on Monday evening, a client that had been referred to me and was looking to instruct someone to build a website. From a sales point of view it was about as good a lead as you can get. So we had a chat about what he thought he wanted and how his business worked so I could get a proper understanding of his business model and how ...

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Smart Lantern

When we moved into the house there was a rather dated lantern in the porch which you turned on and off from within the house... so about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I decided to put a smart bulb in it to make it a bit more useful, however when I put my bulb of choice a  TP-Link LB110 Smart LED Bulb I discovered by the time you had included the screw in to ...

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Adding 2 Buttons to the Divi Slider

Add this code to the text area of your slider <a class="et_pb_more_button et_pb_button slider_button_style" href="#">BUTTON 1</a> <a class="et_pb_more_button et_pb_button slider_button_style" href="#">BUTTON 2</a>   Add the following css to style the buttons .slider_button_style{color:#fff;background-color:#ccc;border-color:#000;...

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Funded with Food & the Hacker Mindset

About six months ago I attended the launch of Open Future_ North's latest intake "Fair by Design", this intake was for businesses that address the poverty premium, a situation where people on lower incomes tend to end up paying more for goods and services. This was far more inline with what we had been doing and Hack Oldham and while Open Future_ North's funding is ...

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Higher rankings via competitor analysis

Everybody always want to know how to improve their search engine rankings and while there are loads of little tips I could give out the simplest things to do that will have the longest lasting effect is to learn how to perform competitor analysis and act on what you find learn. The idea of competitor analysis is simple, you take a look at at your competitors ...

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