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Creating animated gifs from video

I was asked the other day about hosting video for a website, not an uncommon request and normally I would recommend YouTube for hosting video, however in this case my advice was different. When the video was sent to me I discovered that it was only a few seconds long, this particular video which you can see below was an example of how to use the DartSight training ...

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The Internet

I've been a fan of the IT Crowd since it first came out, while primarily a comedy many of the ideas it portrayed I had experienced in my life working in IT, So when they showed the internet as being a small black box, I of course decided I needed to make my own. At the time it was just a black box with a blinking LED but when Google released their AIY Kit I decided ...

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What is UX Design?

You may have heard the term UX design but do you know what it means? and how does it related to websites. Well, UX Stands for User Experience, Why it's not UE I have no idea, probably didn't sound cool enough but I digress. UX design is about understanding your customers requirements and designing a journey that is both easy and pleasurable. The image above ...

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