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What is UX Design?

Jan 1, 2018 | Web Design

You may have heard the term UX design but do you know what it means? and how does it related to websites.

Well, UX Stands for User Experience, Why it’s not UE I have no idea, probably didn’t sound cool enough but I digress. UX design is about understanding your customers requirements and designing a journey that is both easy and pleasurable.

The image above serves as a great example of UX design, and one that people frequently get wrong. It also serves as a introduction to the concept of Norman Doors…

How many times have you pushed a door that you should have pulled, or pulled a door that you should have pushed? Well that’s an example of bad user experience. When it comes to web design you have to consider your customers experience when it comes to using your site, as its often their first experience of using your business.

One common mistake when it comes to UX on a website is the contact form, does it provide any feedback when your user makes a mistake, if its successful does it let the user know, do they recieve an email confirmation? what does that email say?

Think about your customers experience when it comes to using your website and making changes to improve this will help increase your conversion rate.

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