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It’s time for change

Mar 19, 2018 | Blog, Hack Oldham

What’s happening?

As of the beginning of April I will no longer be employed by Hack Oldham to manage the space, it will revert back to being member run.

I recommended this change to the membership and they have agreed.


Hack Oldham was always intended to be community run, after all it’s owned by the community and operates for the sake of the community. My role was always to help pull things together, to keep things moving forward and to get us into the Yorkshire Street digital hub which is where we are now.

It is now time for the members to step forward and take control of their space.

But what does this actually mean?

This means it’s time for me to take a step back, I’ll still be a member, I’ll still be volunteering from time to time and I’ll still be a board member, however I won’t be the main point of contact for the group and I won’t be responsible for the day to day running/decision making within the organisation, I’ll basically be the same as anyone else.

Going forwards

If you want to contact the space you can use the hello@hackoldham.com email address or you can telephone 0161 627 2539.

As a board member I’ll still have my andy@hack email address, but as a volunteer I won’t be checking it every day. If you do contact me on the andy@hack email address, I’ll assume you want to work with Hack Oldham and if I can’t help you myself I may pass you on to someone else.

If you want to work with me, then contact me, or use my personal email address.

TLDR; I don’t work for Hack Oldham any more, Hack Oldham is reverting back to being member run now that we are in the digital hub. It’ll still be awesome and continue to enable people to do things. Meanwhile I’m happy to exchange my services for your money…

So nothing has really changed.

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