Tracking Contact Form 7 submissions as goals in Google Analytics.

Posted on May 31, 2018 |

Contact form 7 is one one of the most popular free contact form plugins for WordPress it can add contact forms to your website and send the submissions to an email address of your choice. One frequently asked question is how you get these form submissions to show up in Google Analytics, as this can help you better understand your conversion rates.

At this point I’m going to assume Google analytics is already set up on your site and tracking your visitors and you have Contact Form 7 installed and working on your website.

1. Install the plugin “Contact Form 7 Google Analytics” by AndrewRMinion Design, The plugin itself requires no configuration.

2. Put a test submission through your form and make sure you receive the email.

3. Head over to Google Analytics and go to [Real Time] [Events] and you should now see the event listed

4. To set up your goals go to [Admin] [Goals] and hit the [New Goal] button. Select “Custom” and then hit [Continue]

5.  Give your Goal a name, choose “Event” then click [Continue]

6.  Set up your Goal as follows

Category Equal to Contact Form

Action Equal to Mail Sent

Label Equal to Contact Form 1 (This must match your contact form name exactly)

7. Click save and check back under [Conversions] [Goals] in about 24 hours, remember outside of the [Real Time] section Google analytics data is not live.



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