GDPR Cookie Consent

Since GDPR came into force a few weeks ago I’ve noticed a lot of sites are using the GDPR Cookie Consent┬áplugin, which appears at the bottom of this site as well as many others. By default the free version of the plugin does not offer any the ability to customise the colours in anyway, for that you need the premium version which offers some additional functionality.

If you do not need the extra functions and just want to change the colours then adding the following CSS to your site will allow you to change the colours of all the elements on the bar.

/* Cookie bar colours*/
	background-color:#252E32 !important;
	color:#fff !important;;
/* Cookie bar link colour */
.cli-plugin-main-link{color:#FD6040 !important;}

/* Cookie bar button colours*/
	color:#fff !important;
	background-color:#000 !important;