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Posted on June 27, 2018 | http://p0wel.ly/2c

It’s really important to make sure you keep WordPress its themes and its plugins up to date, not doing so can result in downtime or even your website being hacked. Updating your site is quick and easy however I would always recommend you back up your site first… Just in case.

1. WordPress will tell you if an update is available by displaying a red dot containing the number of updates available.

2. Click  “Updates” to see the details of what needs updating, Here you can see there is a plugin and a theme that has an update available.  This is a good opportunity to delete any plugins or themes that you are no longer using.

3. Select the items you want to update and click the appropriate [Update] button, WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes need updating separately.

4. WordPress will work through the updates, running each in turn.

5. Once complete you can return to the updates page to perform more updates or return to the dashboard.


Andy Powell is a website specialist with 20 years experience, he is also the founder of Hack Oldham, a non profit co-working and maker space, a digital trainer and a maker of things.

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