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GDPR compliant email sign up with MailChimp and Gravity Forms

1 . Go to [Forms] [Add-Ons] and install the MailChimp Add-On 2. In your MailChimp account go to [Account] [Extras] and then [API Keys] 3. Click [Create A Key] to generate an API Key and copy it to your clip board. 4. Back in your website go to [Forms] [Settings] [Mailchimp]  and add your API Key, then click Update Settings. 5. In your form, if ...

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Why you need https (a green padlock)

Hi, You are probably here because I have told you that you need https (The little green padlock) on your website, Traditionally it was just something we expected on banking or eCommerce but these days there is not really any excuse, It protects you, your customers, the internet, helps with your SEO, gives your visitors confidence and most imporatant its FREE! An...

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I will directly come to the point. I do know ********** is your pass word.

A client of mine has just received the following email, the asterisks hide a genuine password that the client used and the bitcoin address of the scumbag who sent the email. I will directly come to the point. I do know ********** is your pass word. Moreover, I know your secret and I have proof of your secret. You don't know me personally and nobody employed ...

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Broken CSS

Following this tweet I thought I would collate these examples of how the same code (CSS) can render completely differently on different browsers.  A problem people often face when building a website.  While usually its a case of items not lining up or not quite being the same size, these examples show more extreme cases. This demonstrates how important it is to ...

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Turn on post revisions

We all make mistakes, but luckily WordPress has our backs. There is a built in backup system that makes a copy of the page or post every time you hit update allowing you to easily revert to a previous version. 1. In order to access the screen options you'll need to change the screen options so you can see it. To do this click the screen options tab in the top ...

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