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Posted on July 6, 2018 | http://p0wel.ly/2n

We all make mistakes, but luckily WordPress has our backs. There is a built in backup system that makes a copy of the page or post every time you hit update allowing you to easily revert to a previous version.

1. In order to access the screen options you’ll need to change the screen options so you can see it. To do this click the screen options tab in the top right hand corner of any post or page.

2. Tick the Revisions checkbox, if you cant see it you may not have and revisions on this page or post, make a change hit update and then try again.

3. Scroll down and you will now have a a revisions meta box, click a previous revision to see whats changed.

4. You’ll now be able to see the current and previous version side by side, to revert back to the previous version click the [Restore This Revision] button


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