Weeknotes week 1

You may have seen people using the #Weeknotes hashtag and wondered what it was all about, well it turns out its to encourage people to blog about their working week, something I always intend to do… but never get round to it.  By tagging the interesting things you do throughout the week it makes it easy to refer back and gives your blog post a kick start.

So here goes, #Weeknotes 1

This week started off in a field in Ledbury where I attended EMF Camp, a bi-annual (every 2 years not twice a year) festival of technology and general geekery where I attended talks on everything from “Attacking websites for educational purposes only” to “how to dispose of a body”.

Tuesday I was back in Salford for another #TechandTea session with Madlab and Inspiring Communities where we work with people over 65 to improve their digital skills and get them to engage with technology. (Yeah I know I didn’t tag this one)

Thursday saw me at Tameside Library running a Virtual Reality Experience with a group of young people, we had a great deal of fun with Richies Plank Experience and explored the world with Google Earth.

Today I#m back in the office playing catch up, so if you are waiting for a response, today might be your lucky day.