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Whitelisting Email

Nov 25, 2020 | Email, Tutorials

With our POP3/IMAP email accounts you have the option of enabling “Spam And Virus Control” at the server level meaning that suspicious emails will be filtered out before they ever reach your devices.

With Spam And Virus Control you have two options:

Block – The message will be discarded. The sender will receive a bounce message, and will be offered a chance to add their address to our whitelist system.

Tag – The message will be altered so that SPAM is displayed in the subject line. This allows you to either review all messages you receive, or filter them using your E-mail client.

In the event that an email is erroneously flagged you may wish to white list that particular email address so that the system ignores any future emails from that account and passes them over to your device unchecked.

To do so follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your control panel at http://cp.apwebsites.co.uk/

2. Click [Emai]

3. Click on [Spam And Virus Control]

Optional : To switch between Tag and Block click [Edit]

4. Click [E-mail Whitelist]

5. Add any addresses you wish by putting them one at a time in the “Address” Box and clicking Next Step

Reverse the process and click “Remove” to remove an email from your whitelist.

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