What is Threads?

Last night (Midnight to be precise) Meta launched Threads. For those of a certain age in the UK our minds immediately think of a horrifying apocalyptic drama but for the rest of of the world Threads is Facebooks answer to Twitter.

Currently it’s app only and available for Iphone and Android, when you install the app you can create a new account or import your Instagram account along with everyone you follow, which makes set up a doddle.

The downside at the moment is it feels a little unfinished, there are features you would expect to find that are missing, Direct Messages, a timeline of people you follow amongst others. This suggests that it may have been rushed out in order to capitalise on the chaos over at Twitter.

For me the most interesting bit about Threads is this. “Future versions of Threads will work with the fediverse”. If you are already on Mastodon you will be familiar with the idea of the fediverse, where people on different servers can talk to each other. In this case it suggests that people on different Social Networks will be able to talk to each other.

Will it actually happen? only time will tell.