Jet Boil

Two things I love are coffee and camping, the problem is I’m also quite impatient and boiling water on a traditional camping stove is quite time consuming. This is where my new toy comes in.

Jetboil is a brand of outdoor cooking equipment, specifically known for its lightweight and compact backpacking stoves. The primary product offered by Jetboil is its integrated cooking system, which includes a portable stove, a cooking pot with an insulating sleeve, a lid, and a stabilizer tripod.

The main feature that sets Jetboil stoves apart is their efficiency and speed in boiling water or cooking food. In plain English its a superfast camping kettle, that can boil a couple of mugs worth of water in less than 2 minutes, so more in line with the kettle you have at home.

I’ll be trying it out for the first time this week when I go camping in Knutsford, but in the meantime if you want to know move check out