About Me

With over 20 years of experience working in IT Andy has worn many hats from IT support to CTO.

Previously Andy has:

  • Organiser at DoES Liverpool co-working & maker space
  • Founder of Hack Oldham Co-working & Maker Space
  • Trained Children to code overseas for the British Council
  • Former STEM Ambassador & Code Club Trainer
  • ShiftClick Mentor supporting NEETs in Stockport learning to code.
  • Delivered Tech & Tea in Salford on behalf of MadLab addressing digital skills in older people.
  • Trained numerous people of different ages on.
    • Online Safety
    • MS Office/Open Office
    • Adobe Suite/Open Source Alternatives
    • Website Design/Development & Marketing
    • Coding
    • 3d Printing, Laser Cutting, Arduino , BBC Microbit & more.
  • Runs web design / marketing company
  • Runs a digital skills training centre in Oldham.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys movies, video games, board games, camping, walking the dog and making things.