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Why updating WordPress Matters

I often bang on about keeping your WordPress website updated, sometimes I feel like a bit of a stuck record but emails like the one below serve to remind us why its so important. The details below came from an email send to me by WordFence a firewall plugin I tend to...

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Professional Photos make all the difference.

I often tell people I'm working with or training about the importance of images on their website, stock photos have a place, but they are never a replacement for photos of your actual work. When it comes to talking photos many website owners will take photos...

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Moving a WordPress website

For whatever reason you will probably finds yourself in a situation where you want to either make a copy of your website, or move it from one host to another. The easiest way I have found to do this is to use a plugin to make a backup of your website and restore it to...

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Week-notes – Week 4

Yes I know I didn't do week 3... So this week started off moving lots of WordPress websites, following the closure of a hosting company I was called in to move a large number of sites to another host.  If you find yourself needing to move a WordPress website from one...

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Weeknotes Week 2

Its been a busy week this week, I've mostly been transferring websites from one server to another after I was approached to help out an IT company who's current web host was closing down, so far I've transferred over 200gb (Thank god for unlimited internet), and there...

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Weeknotes week 1

You may have seen people using the #Weeknotes hashtag and wondered what it was all about, well it turns out its to encourage people to blog about their working week, something I always intend to do... but never get round to it.  By tagging the interesting things you...

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Taking ownership of a Google Maps API project

In order to use Google Maps as part of a website or app it uses a system called an API, this allows your project to talk to Google and generate a bespoke map. Each time you do this a tiny amount is charged to your account and at the end of the month you are billed....

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Free money with Top CashBack

I do quite a lot of work around digital skills, training people who if given the choice would probably never touch a computer in their lives, but these days we don't really have a choice. Everything is going online, from benefits to bin collections and everything in...

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Scheduling backups with Updraft Plus

It's important that you regularly backup your WordPress website and while its easy to manually back up your site its also easy to forget. Its best to set up an automated regular back up so you don't have to worry about it. Here we are using the UpdraftPlus plugin. 1 ....

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