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What is Gutenberg?

If you have updated WordPress recently  you will no doubt have seen a notice about Gutenberg the new editor coming from WordPress. It is currently in beta and can be accessed by installing a plugin, but will eventually become the default. So what does it do? well as...

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Why you need https (a green padlock)

Hi, You are probably here because I have told you that you need https (The little green padlock) on your website, Traditionally it was just something we expected on banking or eCommerce but these days there is not really any excuse, It protects you, your customers,...

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Broken CSS

Following this tweet I thought I would collate these examples of how the same code (CSS) can render completely differently on different browsers.  A problem people often face when building a website.  While usually its a case of items not lining up or not quite being...

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Turn on post revisions

We all make mistakes, but luckily WordPress has our backs. There is a built in backup system that makes a copy of the page or post every time you hit update allowing you to easily revert to a previous version. 1. In order to access the screen options you'll need to...

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Adding Images with Divi

Divi's image module makes it very easy to add images to your WordPress website. 1 . To add an image to your web page click "insert module" and select "Image" or click the 3 lines icon on an existing Image module. 2. Click "Upload and image" 3.  Upload the image using...

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Removing Plugins

Its good practice to remove any plugins (or themes) that you are no longer using, not only does it help secure your site, removing unnecessary bulk can help speed things up. 1. Here you can see a plugin that needs updating, but is not being used.  If you are not...

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Updating WordPress

It's really important to make sure you keep WordPress its themes and its plugins up to date, not doing so can result in downtime or even your website being hacked. Updating your site is quick and easy however I would always recommend you back up your site first......

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10 Favourite Free WordPress Plugins

Here you will find 10 plugins I use frequently when building sites for clients, or when delivering training. Updraft Plus WordPress SEO by Yoast Akismet...

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GDPR Cookie Consent

Since GDPR came into force a few weeks ago I've noticed a lot of sites are using the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, which appears at the bottom of this site as well as many others. By default the free version of the plugin does not offer any the ability to customise the...

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Running WordPress locally with Flywheel

I've been asked on a number of occasions about how people can run WordPress on their local machine, this is handy if you want to develop a site offline or just want to try it out. Normally I'd suggest using MAMP but to be honest if your new to web design and...

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