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Posted on August 27, 2018 |

I do quite a lot of work around digital skills, training people who if given the choice would probably never touch a computer in their lives, but these days we don’t really have a choice. Everything is going online, from benefits to bin collections and everything in between.

I’ve always preferred the carrot to the stick so I try where ever possible to encourage people to want to be online, rather than feeling they have to do it. One way I do this is by introducing serviced like Top CashBack which allows you to get cash back on things you purchase online… things you would be purchasing anyway.

It the attached screen shot you can see my earnings so far this year, that’s £121 of free money and the year isn’t over yet. Want to know more visit  Top CashBack (and if you sign up I get £15, woohoo!)


Andy Powell is a website specialist with 20 years experience, he is also the founder of Hack Oldham, a non profit co-working and maker space, a digital trainer and a maker of things.

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