Geek for Hire

I’ve worked in tech for 20 years, and over that time have often specialised on finding low cost and open source solutions to everyday problems, that experience and my passion for the hacker/maker movement allows me to think outside the box and find solutions that are often not obvious at first glance.


I tend to shy away from the term consultant, however to many people that is what I do.  I use my knowledge and experience to help organisations make the right decisions, reduce costs and help solve problems, specifically I have expertise in:

Coaching & mentoring

Sometimes people just need a little support on an ongoing basis to help them make the most of the technology available to them. It can take the form or telephone and email support or it can be face to face and can cover a wide range or topics such as improving a business’s online presence or learning to code.


Whether its organising an event such as a hack day which is a great way of finding creative solutions, building better teams, and creating community cohesion, or providing technical support and solutions such as live streaming or social media integration to an existing event I can help make an event that is both enjoyable and productive.

Want to know more about how I can help you and your organisation? take a look in my blog or get in touch for a coffee and a chat.