WordPress Website

How to create a simple WordPress Website for your business or project.

One Click Installation

Many website hosts myself included offer a one click solution for installing the WordPress Content Management System. 

Here you can see a demo of how to complete the configuration by adding your own details.

Logging into the admin area (Dashboard)

The Dashboard is the admin area of the website where the website owner (or people they give access to) can log in and manage the website.

You access the dashboard by adding /wp-admin to your website URL in the address bar.  For example if your website was mywebsite.com the dashboard would be at mywebsite.com/wp-admin.

Creating your pages

Pages make up the bulk of your website content, and using the WordPress Content Management System allows you to create practically unlimited pages of content. Typically you will want a Home Page, an About Page, a Services Page, (Optional Blog/News Page) and a Contact Page.

Setting your home page

The WordPress Content Management System was originally designed as blogging software and as such it defaults to the home page of your website to show your latest blog posts.

If you are using WordPress as a website platform you will want to assign a different page as your home page.

Customising your menu

By default the WordPress Content Management System will add all of your pages to the navigation menu in the order that you add them. This is often less than idea so it also offers the option of creating your own menu. Putting the pages you want, where you want them adding menu items and sub-menu items as you see fit.

Adding a blog

Where pages represent the backbone of your site the blog or news section holds the updates. We call these individual updates ‘posts’ and they are displayed in chronological order, grouped by categories keeping similar content together.

Posts are a great way of keeping your users up to date with news, testimonials and case studies amongst other things.

Customising your site

Now you have a bare bones website its time to make it your own.

You can add a logo, photos, change colour schemes and lots of other elements to make your website represent you or your organisation.

Keeping your site up to date

Just like your phone and computer it’s really important that you keep your website software up to date. 

WordPress has a built in updating system making keeping your website software up to date really easy.