Pay Per Click Marketing

The quickest way to drive traffic to a website is through paid marketing, this takes many forms but the principals are broadly similar. In all cases it’s important to understand your cost of acquisition (How much it costs you to gain a client) and how to maximise your return on your chosen budget.


Advertising on the search engines is the most direct way of generating qualified leads to your website, this is where you display an add in the search results based on chosen key words and phrases, the cost of this relates directly to the value of your product, and how much people are willing to pay to promote it.


Banner ads or display advertising is a way of promoting your website or service on other related services, as this is less direct than search marketing is tends to work by charging you for a number of impressions, or people who have seen your advert rather than those who clicked on it.


Social advertising is a great way of raising awareness of your product or service, or promoting specific local events. With social advertising you are able to target specific demographics of people by location, age, gender, interests and many other attributes which makes if possible to target the people most likely to purchase your products or services.

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