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SEO Audits

We provide audits that that analyse how a page on your website should perform against a single keyword or phrase. You can find out more information about the audits here.  Below you will find a more detailed explination of some of the recomendations frequently found on these audits.

Remove any underscores in image file names

Googles developer guidelines for filenames which can be found here recommend the use of hyphens – to space words in filenames. While underscores _ are ok in certain circumstances they are not recommended. 

You should therefore rename your your images before uploading them to your website using hyphens – where you would normally put a space.


No image meta tag found

Meta Tags are the bits of information that are often hidden from the user but provide very valueble information to people with disabilities and the search engines. 

In WordPress you can add image meta data when uploading an image or my selecting the image in the media gallery.

In some cases you will also have access to the Open Graph Meta Tags. This is a set of additional tags used when sharing data accross websites, such as Facebook or Twitter to provide preview images and text. 

More details can be found at https://ogp.me/