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Securing the WordPress admin user.

Hands up if you have a WordPress website? OK now hands up if you have an administrator on your site with the username admin? How did I guess? Well the simple fact is, that's the default, but to understand why this can be a problem you need to understand how many WordPress website (or to be honest many sites/password in general) get hacked. So lets have a look at ...

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Do you need a secure website(SSL)?

I came across this tweet the other day and it got me thinking,  The response from Halifax was fairly standard, If you are not submitting information to a website, ie filling in a form or logging in you shouldn't worry about SS, The little padlock in the address bar that verifies a secure connection between your browser and the website. But is this still the case? ...

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Fingerprints are “unhackable”

When my daughter started secondary school the teacher proudly showed off the biometric payment system that was used to buy lunch, consumables, basically anything that would normally require that the students carry cash. While I understood and still understand the benefits of school children not carrying cash at the time I queried the appropriateness of collecting ...

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